Hi there ! Hatshyoki's talking ! *3*


Welcooome to the HATloids blog ! Yay ! I've finally decided to create that damn blog .3.


It's not finished yet so it's normal if everything is sad and white *///*


I hope that you'll love my little babes, I put so much time on doing them, this is pretty long, not very hard, but long :3


You can explore the blog, even if it's not finished, there a few little things to see eheh ! *u*


I'm pretty overworked with UTAU, too much things (new UTAUS, new vbs, videos etc...) to do QAQ


But I'm making my best to upload new voicebanks on the wiki (UTAU Wiki 2.0), and now I'm gonna upload them there too


The "official" releases will be on YouTube with some beautiful videos (I hope *v*)


You can already dl (here) the vbs but they're not officialy released o/





Soooo enjoy that bloggy thing, have a nice day ! *3*